Project Prime Contractors

Successful Project Business

Being a prime contractor in a project can be a satisfying and profitable business situation. Being at the same time the customer of a contractor and the contractor to the end customer can be a position of success, impact, and perfect margins.

It may also be a difficult place, when expectations of the different contract parties collide. Then, the prime contractor, located between conflicting demands, takes all hits and may finally find the business making a devastating loss.  

The Challenge

The project manager at a prime contractor has probably the most demanding task of all. He or she must take care of a multitude of vested business interests, including those of one or more customers, one or more subcontractors, and possibly other prime contractors in parallel.

Prime contractors are part of project supply networks (PSN). These often become complex, dynamic and opaque. 

In production, services, and other operational industries, such networks are well understood und engineered. In project business, they are not. The Project Business Foundation supports work to increase this understanding.

Supporting Professionals in Project Business

In an ideal world, young professionals, when they take over responsibility as project managers for prime contractors, should be given education. In addition, they should have the opportunity to work with seasoned colleagues and learn from them.

They need to learn the terminology and processes of the discipline and also its challenges and caveats in order to be able to respond to incidents appropriately.
The observation : This help is rarely given today.

The Project Business Foundation is the professional home for those, who are prepared to share knowledge and experience, and for beginners, who can learn from them.

How Can You Participate and Benefit?

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As an Affiliate Member of Project Business Foundation, you will find yourself in a community of professionals, happy to discuss the burning issues of the discipline and help others when tough decisions need to be made.

You will also be welcome to volunteer for the association and for project business management.

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Types of  Corporate Partners:
As a corporate partner of Project Business Foundation, you validate your commitment to effective project business management in a cooperative style, your preparation to put completing over competing, and your commitment to a "Mission Success First" approach.
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    Each  Accredited Consultant and Educator (ACE) in Project Business Management has gone through a qualification process, showing knowledge in project business management. He or she is able to pass it on to customers and students and to apply it in complex consulting jobs.

    The availability of ACE qualified educators and consultants is a prerequisite for an organization to become an education & consulting partner.

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