Project Customers

Successful Project Business

As a customer in project business, your project mission is your first concern. 

The Make-or-Buy decision was made choosing "Buy": Tap into the assets of vendors and turn them into project resources. Now, you need the mindset, techniques, and tools to do this successfully.

At Project Business Foundation, we have the know how to achieve this and the people, who can help you implement it.


When you decided to outsource the project work, you expected to be treated as a VIP customer, possibly the king. The project contractor has the assets that you need for the project, and your intention was to turn them into resources for your project.

And you are prepared to pay for this service, of course.

Now, you find yourself rather in a waiting line behind the contractors' other customers, who seem to be more urgent and important.


A "Mission Success First" approach helps the customer overcome conflicts with a single vendor or a complex project supply network. Relational contracting is the basis, Good Faith the additional tool. Contracts can become multilateral in form of project alliances or customer-led project consortia, and award fees give the contractor an incentive to go the extra mile for the customer.

All these techniques have one big goal: Turning contract parties into project partners, who jointly prioritize completing over competing during the entire project business lifecycle.

How Can You Participate and Benefit?

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As an Affiliate Member of Project Business Foundation, you will find yourself in a community of professionals, happy to discuss the burning issues of the discipline and help others when tough decisions need to be made.

You will also be welcome to volunteer for the association and for project business management.

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Types of Corporate Partners
As a corporate partner of Project Business Foundation, you validate your commitment to effective project business management in a cooperative style, your preparation to put completing over competing, and your commitment to a "Mission Success First" approach.
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    Obtain ACE Qualification from Project Business Foundation

    /academy1/ace-qualificationEach  Accredited Consultant and Educator (ACE) in Project Business Management has gone through a qualification process, showing knowledge in project business management. He or she is able to pass it on to customers and students and to apply it in complex consulting jobs.

    The availability of ACE qualified educators and consultants is a prerequisite for an organization to become an education & consulting partner.

    The ACE for PBM logo makes this achievement visible.

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