Along the Project Business Lifecycle

Where Project Business Gets Broken

Along the project business lifecycle, various players are active at different times. They bring different professionalism, skills, and sets of interest. Communication is often insufficient and impacted by lack of trust. As a result, success-critical knowledge is often not passed from those who have it to those, who need it to do the project.

These shortcomings add up to disappointment, conflicts, and more distrust. As a worst case, they can lead to lawsuits that destroy project success and to ruined individuals and companies.

The Players Involved

The interaction between the players in project business is crucial for both, project success and business success. Trust among them is the strongest booster for faster projects, making them efficient and effective.

However, trust in the wrong people is a frequent cause of project troubles.

Cross-corporate projects rarely fail inside organizations. The troubles occur at the interfaces between them.

The greatest challenge in project business management is to develop an environment driven by trust among trustworthy parties, prepared to go the extra mile for each other. The great prize for those who succeed in this challenge are better projects, satisfying for customers and profitable for contractors.

Better Cross-Corporate Projects

All players in project business are welcome to join the Project Business Foundation.

While they often have different interests in specific situations, there is one over-arching common interest for all of them: Better projects in cross-corporate setting with two or more organizations involved.

Project business is high-risk business for all parties involved. To unify the different interests of the contract parties and turning them into project partners is a major challenge. However, there are tools to achieve this, and the projects where these tools are used overall benefit from them.

How Can You Participate and Benefit?

Join Project Business Foundation

As an Affiliate Member of Project Business Foundation, you will find yourself in a community of professionals, happy to discuss the burning issues of the discipline and help others when tough decisions need to be made.

You will also be welcome to volunteer for the association and for project business management.

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Partner with Project Business Foundation

Types of  Corporate Partners: As a corporate partner of Project Business Foundation, you validate your commitment to effective project business management in a cooperative style, your preparation to put completing over competing, and your commitment to a "Mission Success First" approach.
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    Obtain ACE Qualification from Project Business Foundation

    Each  Accredited Consultant and Educator (ACE) in Project Business Management has gone through a qualification process, showing knowledge in project business management. He or she is able to pass it on to customers and students and to apply it in complex consulting jobs.

    The availability of ACE qualified educators and consultants is a prerequisite for an organization to become an education & consulting partner.

    The ACE for PBM logo makes this achievement visible.

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