Project Management Audits (“Health Checks”)

Auditing the Project Management of Contractors

Some issues are best seen by an insider, who is deeply involved in the matter. Others are better assessed from a distance and solutions recommended that the insiders, busy with their daily business, have not considered. 

Project audits, also known as “Project Health Checks”, are an effective way to improve a customer-contractor relationship in a project and ensure that one party is not negatively impacted by poor project management by the other. Assessors are third-party reviewers with experience and education for the job.

In complex project supply networks with more than two organizations involved, ineffective project management by one party can damage the business success of all others and jeopardize the project. There, health checks serve the project and all contributing parties.

Win-Win Solutions

The business case of a project management audit is not to enforce burdensome methods that are unwanted or inappropriate for the specific project situation, but to help applying good practices in the most beneficial way for the auditee, but also for the audit client, who mandated the activity. 

The goal is to ensure mission success for the project and a win-win solution for the players involved. 

Project auditors are experienced in a variety of methods, including traditional and agile approaches. They also understand situational use of behaviors, tools, and techniques. They know what is good practice for a given project situation and when such practices are rather detrimental. 

They also understand the consequences of the implementation of practices for project business of either party and for the joint project success.

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