Project Business Healing Day

Resolving Conflicts between Contractors and Customers

The Project Business Healing Day is a format invented in 2018. Since that time, it got further improved and refined.

In a one-day workshop, project customers and contractors come together to discuss conflicts and other forms of impediments for better project performance. The focus lies on the interfaces between the organizations involved and the conflicts, that are not uncommon there.

Root causes of conflicts get identified and solutions developed. Conflict resolution leads to faster, more effective and efficient projects

Invitations can come from a contractor, inviting customer personnel, or from the customer inviting contractors. Consulting and training firms inviting their clients are also welcome.

The event setting is highly confidential.

The Invitation and Performance

The invitation is developed together with the focal organization. The example shows the elements that are specific for the hosting organization.

The agenda:

  • Welcome and introduction

  • Short presentation on the topic

  • Discussion of stories of attendees

  • Adjourn

A typical duration is from 08:30 to 15:00 in the afternoon. Sometimes, more time is needed due to the intensity of the discussion.

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