Programs of the Project Business Foundation

The Project Business Glossary

Misunderstandings and confusion on terminology are among the most common causes for trouble in cross-corporate project business, and they are among the easiest to resolve. 

The Project Business Glossary allows contract partners to agree on a common use of terms, either by adopting it, or by using it as a baseline for the development of an own glossary.

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Joint Study with PMI®:

Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Project Business

This is a report on the results of a survey jointly conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Project Business Foundation. 

The intention was to replace observations and opinions with reliable data. The mission was to better understand the current challenges for contracted project professionals and their clients and identify opportunities to provide assistance.

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The ACE Program for Educators and Consultants

The Approved Consultant / Educator program for individuals is a program offered by the Project Business Institute directed to experts in:

  • Project management
  • Business management
  • Contract-related legal matters

The qualification process is self-paced, however, an assessor is present during that time to lead and mentor the candidate and identify need for corrections.

A successful ACE can add another topic to his/her training portfolio: Project Business Management. The person can help organizations and individuals do better project business.

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Project Business Healing Day

This is a one-day workshop to identify conflicts with their root causes between parties in cross-corporate projects under contract. As a next step, the projects are brought back on track by finding jointly beneficial solutions.

Re-building trust, healing the contract relationship, and turning contract parties into project partners makes the project faster, more effective, and more efficient.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Educated and experienced external experts can help resolving conflicts between contract parties in projects, when the people involved alone may no more be able to do it. This helps avoid gridlocks and the uncertainty, costs and time commitment from lawsuits.

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Project Management Audits ("Health Checks")

Poor project management of one contract party can impact the other party or parties and jeopardize the entire project. 

Health checks identify weak spots in project management and improve the project for all parties involved.

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