Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Conflicts in Project Business

Project Business can be satisfying and profitable for all parties involved. By joining ranks, and combining tangible and intangible assets, corporations and other organizations can achieve incredible results. Collaboration in action!

However, project business is, unfortunately, often impacted by conflicts. In a survey from 2017, respondents said that the #1 source of conflicts between contract parties in cross-corporate projects was diverging business interests.

Diversity of cultures (#2) and incompatible egos (#3) were also significant sources of conflict. Some conflicts were "fossil" (#5) i.e. grudges held over from previous projects in which the parties had also worked together and had experienced conflicts that never got finally resolved to their mutual satisfaction. Even corruption can be (remains) a problem (#7), and this one is particularly dangerous, since when it occurs, the consequences for the project, and for the parties more widely, can be disastrous.

ADR - Third Parties can help

The intention in project business should always be to resolve conflicts in negotiations between the parties. This is the fastest and easiest way, limiting costs and uncertainties.

It works for day-to-day issues, as well as for issues raised through contract process. By and large, with careful application, which requires more time and skills that one might think, negotiation solves many problems, and prevents others growing uncontrolled.

If this approach fails to bring a satisfactory result, there are still many steps, and choices, that parties can take to avoid costly lawsuits. This should be the focus, since lawsuits consume scarce management attention, take a lot of time to conclude, cause stress and huge cost, and potentially drag the business conflict into the public realm. The steps and options available are collectively known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, or "ADR". 

The Project Business Foundation can help you to manoeuvre through the challenges of cross-corporate projects. We offer support and expertise in all forms of ADR. Our aim is to enable you, as cross-corporate contract parties, to see the benefits of the different ADR options, work out which one(s) will break the conflict, and to support you to control the problem and work to resolve it, all in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Our technical, organizational, and legal experts are ready to give you the help you need to resolve conflicts between parties in project business. 

This is assured to always be done in a purely private and confidential setting.

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