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Professionalism Class for

Project Contractors

Trainer: Oliver F. Lehmann

For a project contractor, a project is a profit center. However, the profitability of a customer project often suffers from a lack of business acumen and knowledge.

This is the basic seminar to introduce practitioners to the dynamics of success and failure in project business  on contractor side. By raising awareness of the business context and teaching tools and techniques, it helps project contractors reducing business risks and achieve their three big goals:

  • Happy customer
  • Profitability
  • Liquidity

Agile Methods in Customer Projects

Trainer: Antje Lehmann-Benz

In many projects, agile methods are used to serve paying customers. This comes with benefits, such as the openness for discoveries and creativity on all sides and the ability to adapt to fast-changing  requirements.

A problem is that agile methods have been developed with a focus on internal projects, assuming that the projects are performed inside the protective walls of an organization for its own purposes. The reality however  has been for a while, that agile methods are used in project business. 

The seminar describes, how to ensure success with these methods for the contractor and the customer.

Microsoft Project Fitness Training for Project Contractors

Trainer: Oliver F. Lehmann

Project management software has commonly been developed with a focus on internal projects. While it helps scheduling and managing costs, it is unaware of specific matters of project business: Profitability and cash flow.

The good news: The software can be easily customized to support project business.  The seminar shows, how this is done.

Note. The software version used in the seminar is Microsoft Project 2016. The functions shown are also available in other versions. Some functions also require  Microsoft Excel.