Member Types and Benefits

Affiliate Members

This is the typical form of individual membership at Project Business Foundation (PBF) with access to exclusive assets and services*. There are two levels of Affiliate Membership: 

  • Basic: As a basic member, you benefit directly from  the development of the project business management profession. You increase your proficiency and raise your value for your employer/customer. You are a Member of a Community with access to a wealth of resources and media that Project Business Foundation provides to its members.
    — Yearly fee: EUR 48 (exchange rate) - Join now
    Or: 3 month Trial membership, EUR 12  (exchange rate) - Try it out 

  • Gold: You want to Actively Participate in the advancement of the project business discipline? You will be able to start discussions on your burning issues and share Lessons Learned, helping yourself and other members to grow to higher levels of professionalism, success, and income.
    In addition, you have a platform for publication of your work with the Project Business Management Rockstars.
    — Yearly fee: EUR 95 (exchange rate) - Join now

Group Billing

Groups of Individuals (3 or more) are welcome to join the Project Business Foundation together using group billing.

Group billing is also open to Organizations, such as companies, public agencies, and other associations to fund membership of their key personnel (3 or more), which may include business developers, project managers, project sponsors, PMO staff, recruiters, trainers, consultants, and others at the Project Business Foundation.

We made group billing available for the Affiliate Members - Gold level. It comes with a 16% Discount for each individual membership, however it requires a person as an administrative contact.

Yearly fee per member: EUR 80  (exchange rate) - Join now

The Affiliate Member Logo

If you are a practitioner or expert in project business management, adding the Affiliate Members logo to your bio and profiles will signal Professionalism  to vendors, employers or customers.

During your membership as an Affiliate Member - Basic of the Project Business Foundation, you are entitled to use the logo for:
  • Business cards and stationary
  • Personal CV and bio
  • Personal website
  • Personal social media profile
  • Personal profile on corporate website and presentations
If you select Affiliate Member - Gold membership,  you use the Gold membership logo instead as long as you remain a gold member. Join now!

For Gold Members: The ACE Qualification

As an Affiliate Member (Gold) of the Project Business Foundation, you can attend the qualification program to become an Approved Consultant & Educator in Project Business Management (ACE).

ACE-qualified trainers, consultants, etc. signal to their market that they have added Business Expertise to their Project Management Proficiency. Or vice versa.

In a time, when organizations and individuals undergo a deep transformation from cross-functional to cross-corporate projects, they help them in project business improve their results, both in matters of Project Success and Business Results
In addition, their availability is a prerequisite for organizations to become an Education and Consulting Partner of the Project Business Foundation. More... 

Core Members**

This is a small group of members, who Do the Big Load of Tasks coming with an association startup and make the decisions with the leadership team. This group of work horses is small enough to be able to make effective and swift decisions, but large enough to allow for a diversity of influences.

The leadership team and other forms of contribution are recruited from this group, but are also open for Affiliate Members - Gold.

Membership as a Core member is by invitation only.

What Benefits Await You in the Membership Dashboard?

Latest addition: 25-Feb-2020

Free Assets ↗

  • Podcast:
    • Bicara Supply Chain  interviews Oliver F. Lehmann, President of the Project Business Foundation (new!)
  • Video:
    • Herbert Gonder - Project Business Management - Key Factors of Successful Projects (new!)
  • Entertainment:
    • Project Business Crossword Puzzle - with solution (new!) 
  • Articles:
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Taking Care of Business (new)
    • Antje Lehmann-Benz - Working Environments for Remote Cross-Corporate Project Teams 
    • Stanimir Sotirov - Benefits and Disadvantages of Bilateral and Multilateral Contracts
    • Stanimir Sotirov - Improving Cross-Corporate Relationships
    • Stanimir Sotirov - Organization Structures among Contractors in Virtual Teaming        
    • Stanimir Sotirov - Organization Structures among Contractors in Virtual Teaming  
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Benefit Engineering
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Doing Projects with Contractors

Members' Assets ↗

  • Process assets:
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Templates and Checklists for Project Management in Customer Project
  • Marketing:
    • Project Business Foundation - Member Logos (new!)
  • Articles:
    • Antje Lehmann-Benz - Teaming Agreements
    • Antje Lehmann-Benz - Matching Contract Types and Project Types
    • Saverio Calvano - Improving Cross-corporate Relations During the Project
    • Saverio Calvano - Preventing or Managing Project Crisis
    • Saverio Calvano - Securing the Timely Flow of Money and Project Results
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Projects as Profit Centers
    • Oliver F. Lehmann - Healing Conflicts in Project Business

Gold Members' Asset ↗

  • Software:
    • Insight Tree (decision tree software)
  • Marketing:
    • Project Business Foundation - Gold Member Logos (new!)
    • Approved Consultant & Educator - ACE Logo (new!)
  • Articles:
    • Barry Overeem - Agile Contracts – 6 Best Practices to Kick Start Your Scrum Team (new!)

    • Antje Lehmann-Benz - Contracting Models for Agile Projects  (new!)

* : Affiliate Members are not "Mitglieder" according to Art. 70-75 of Schweizer Zivilgesetzbuch (ZGB).
* *: Core Members are "Mitglieder" according to Art. 70-75 of Schweizer ZGB.