Our Story  

The Beginnings

In the year 2019, a group of enthusiastic specialists came together to put the spot on an aspect of project management that is so far mostly ignored:

Project Business

They observed the trend from cross-functional to cross-corporate projects, which increases agility of organizations, but also brings new challenges to project managers and their stakeholders: To make these projects successful, all have to go through a cooperative transformation.

They found that in addition to knowledge about project management, a deep and solid understanding is needed of commercial and legal questions. The task is to turn contract parties into project partners and ensure success of the project's mission.

Identifying the Need

We talked with corporations and individuals engaged in project business as customers and contractors. They reported a gap in education. They further complained about insufficient transfer of experience from seasoned professionals to young starters, leading to a "trial and error" approach. However, in project business,

Trial is Expensive. Error even more.

To close this gap, the Project Business Foundation was founded in December 2019 as an independent professional association under Swiss Law. The Project Business Foundation is a not-for-profit association and open for all individuals and organizations, who want to address challenges in project business and identify new opportunities both as practitioners and experts.

Common Grievances

Listening to people involved in project business, we often heard statements such as:

  • "Our sales people sell products and services that we cannot deliver."
  • "Our purchasing department hires contractors who are not up to the job."
  • "Project managers must be more customer-oriented and deliver what is needed."
  • "The profitability of our customer projects is insufficient."
  • "We do not get the goods and services that we ordered and are prepared to pay for."
  • "Our contractors are milking us."
  • "Our customers are overtaxing us."
  • "Project managers must spend more time and energy directing contractors."
  • "When the business was developed, we were promised to be treated as kings. Now we find ourselves at the end of a waiting line."
  • "Laying out money, we became the bank financing our customers' projects."
  • "Our project managers ignore our own commercial needs in our projects."
  • "Our/the other party's project manager does not know what's in the contract."
  • "No one keeps track of the vast number of companies under contract and subcontract in our project supply network."
  • "We can't find experts in the field of project business."

Turning Contract Parties into Project Partners

We decided to put the initial  focus of our work on qualifying experts, such as:

  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Academic educators
Targeting the education of experts, we want to help corporations develop convincing offers, but also help freelancers and solopreneurs in the field raise and communicate their proficiency.

Insufficient business education, in-fighting between parties, and lack of mutual empathy put a strain on projects and also on organizations and individuals involved. Many need help to get back on track to ensure mission success. 

The Project Business Foundation makes this help available. Join!

Openness for the Future

Project business is high risk business for all organizations involved, and the need to professionally address these risks and offer solutions is the driving force underlying the Project Business Foundation and its volunteers and members.

As a 2019 startup, the Project Business Foundation is free from restraining legacies and organizes itself for maximum positive effect for its stakeholders.

The Project Business Foundation is open for cooperation with associations, corporations, agencies, and other organizations that have overlapping areas of interest and embrace collaborative strategies to the benefit of their stakeholders.

Talk with us: info@project-business.org. And join!