Talk around the Clock

The Project Business Foundation supports the "Talk around the Clock" 24 h virtual conference organized by the PMI Ukraine Chapter and Oliver F. Lehmann

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Kyiv, March 2023

Some of the world's most distinguished speakers and trainers in Project Management have joined forces for a 24-hour public conference which will take place on 14 and 15 April 2023. All speakers are volunteering for the event, and revenues from the conference will go to UNICEF's program for helping victims of the earthquake of 6 February that shattered Turkey and Syria.

Speakers from all around the world share their knowledge and experience about maintaining a resilient business, the VUCA world, crisis management, and other essential areas. The trainers come from various continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. As the conference lasts 24 hours, we expect an international audience too. The conference will also include a panel discussion on what relevance a "How can project managers ensure that their projects contribute to the public good?".

Roman Reznikov, the event's initiator and past President of the PMI Ukraine Chapter, gave further insights: "As PMI Ukraine Chapter, we couldn't stay away from our close neighbors. As Ukraine received the international community's support, which helped us overcome this challenge and remain vital in helping our country, we want to pay back and help UNICEF, activating the international community of project managers. The profits of this conference's admission fee will be donated to UNICEF's support for children and families - victims of the earthquake."

PMI (Project Management Institute), several of its global chapters, and other organizations support the conference.

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