Recent Events

Project Business - Lessons from NASA


In the late 20th century, NASA underwent a time of crisis.

Around 2000, NASA transformed its fundamental philosophy and its approach to collaboration with its complex multi-tier network of project suppliers. Implementing a new “Mission Success First” paradigm with vendors, NASA turns contract parties into project partners for whom completing takes priority over competing.

The Specific Challenges of Project Business - and How to Meet Them


Successful Project Business is not just luck but the result of the solid determination, professional tenacity, and situational awareness.

On the webinar attendees from Ukraine received tons of exciting and valuable information.

Legal Acumen for Project Managers?


To avoid legal troubles, Project Managers in Project Business need basic knowledge of legal matters.

However, project managers are not supposed to be legal experts. So, how much legal knowledge should they have?

Panelists: Sarah Schütte, Oliver F. Lehmann

Managing Risks in Project Business


Project Business is high-risk business for all parties involved. On top of project risks, there are commercial and legal risks, and the sources of risks are not only inside the organizations, but at the interfaces between them.

Panelists: Dr. David Hillson, Oliver F. Lehmann


Certification for Project Business


Certification of project managers is a door opener to winning better customer project business against tough competition. This free event discussed, how corporations improve Project Business by getting their employees certified. 

Panelists: Lee R. Lambert, Oliver F. Lehmann.

The Collaborative Revolution


Talk at Enterprise Agility World Conference, performed by Enterprise Agility University