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The webinar discusses a measurable trend that you may have noticed too: More and more project work that organizations would have done internally in the past is today handed out to contractors.

These, in turn, may hire subcontractors, who may again use sub-subcontractors, and so on. The change from internal projects to cross-corporate Project Business is a mega-trend in the 21. Century, directly impacting the way project managers work and the requirements they must meet.

Internal projects are cost centers. Customer projects are profit centers. Too many make losses.

Doing projects with customers and contractors constitutes Project Business.

In the seminar, let’s follow the path of a project manager who goes with the trend and decides to take over a customer project. We will see the requirements, risks, and a solution for the new challenges the person is facing.

The Speaker

Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc, ACE, PMP is a trainer in Project Management and the management of Project Business, located in Munich, Germany. He is the world’s most foremost expert in Project Business Management, about which he has written a book and published almost 50 papers.

Oliver found the core problem in Project Business is the lack of education of practitioners. He says, “today, most people learn doing Project Business Management by trial & error, but trial in a customer project is expensive, and error even more.”

Who will Benefit from Attendance?

  • Project managers in customer projects

  • Project sponsors and other supervisors in the field

  • PMO managers in contractor organizations

  • Business development and account managers

  • Educators

  • Consultants


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