Books for Self-Learning

Project Business Management

Oliver F. Lehmann

Oliver Lehmann's Project Business Management is the seminal book, describing the dynamics of success and failure in cross-corporate project business and recommending good practices for people and organizations involved, 

Roughly half of all project managers have to lead customer projects as profit centers on contractor side with two big objectives: making the customer happy and bringing money home. Customer projects are a high-risk business on both sides, customers and contractors, but the dynamics of this business have so far been mostly ignored in literature.

Connective Leadership

Jean Lipman-Blumen

There is no project business without connective leadership. When a project follows the path from cross-functional to cross-corporate, extending over the protective borders of the performing organization, the practices and behaviors of its leaders in charge across the organizations involved have to do that too. 

This is the book talking about these behaviours. 

Based on extensive research analysing the leadership styles of more than 5,000 leaders and managers world-wide, Lipman-Blumen has developed an innovative nine-part strategy for flourishing despite the demands of inter- and intraorganizational relationships.

The Culture Map

Erin Meyer

An important aspect of project business is the tendency to not only be cross-corporate, but also cross-national and cross--cultural. However, people in charge are mostly uneducated in project business. Here is the book to help understand cultural commonalities and differences and turn issues into new opportunities.

Americans precede anything negative with three nice comments; French, Dutch, Israelis, and Germans get straight to the point; Latin Americans and Asians are steeped in hierarchy; Scandinavians think the best boss is just one of the crowd. It’s no surprise that when they try and talk to each other, chaos breaks out.