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A Trend that Means Business for You

Project business has probably brought food on people's tables for thousands of years. It is nevertheless a growing part of the project economy today, as survey data from 590 project managers show, responding what trends they perceived in the past and expect for the future (see diagram): The trend towards Buy is much stronger than towards Make.

However, there is a shortage in understanding of project business management. It has rarely been made the topic of association work, research, education, and literature. People involved in it need practical help, particularly beginners. Therefore, it is no surprise that many cross-corporate projects suffer from avoidable conflicts, that impact project success for the parties involved.

Project Business Foundation is here to help, and as a Sponsoring Partner, you can help advance the discipline and make sure, your employees will learn how to improve your project business for your own organization, its shareholders, and its stakeholders.

Benefit from an Emergent Business Discipline

As a Sponsoring Partner, you are in a position to influence the development of this emerging discipline and directly benefit from its advancement:

  • Be in contact with the profession's top talents that have experience and understanding and are prepared to share their knowledge
  • Be visible to pros when you are recruiting personnel for your project business
  • Be also visible to pros when they seek a new job in project business - they may be the people you need right now.
  • Signal to customers and contractors, what value cooperative strategies have to ensure "Mission Success First".
  • Be shown as a Sponsoring Partner in our web presence.
  • Support research and community building for the discipline

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Strategic Sponsoring Partner

As a Sponsoring Partner,  you may prefer a customized joint partnership agreement that meets the specific needs and strategic goals of your organization, instead of a simple "standardized" offer.

That's what makes you a Strategic Sponsoring Partner: You're special and expect special treatment.

Your needs may require the development of new services or other forms of offerings. Or the presentation of your organization at a preferred location. You may want us to do specific events for you and help you build proficiency of people you work with. Or want us to develop the business acumen of your staff that is involved in project business.

Our mission: Tell us what your wishes, wants, and needs are in project business management. We will find a solution that meets them.

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