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Surveys confirm that the number of project managers in customer(-facing) projects exceeds those in internal projects. This is mirrored by the trend to choose the Buy option in Make-or-Buy decisions in projects (see here). We are currently observing a cooperative transformation in the way organizations do businesses to win agility and access to technology. However, this transformation is not easy.

There are potential subscribers of your media that need help not only for internal, cross-functional projects, but also for cross-corporate projects with two or more organizations involved. They may be contractors and their projects are profit centers. Or need to manage a complex, dynamic, and often poorly understood network of suppliers.

This is the world, on which the Project Business Foundation is focussing. As a Media Partner with us, you have easy access to newsworthy information and people in this field.

Media Partnership

We expect from Media Partners interest in the topic of project business management and transfer of news and knowledge from and to practitioners and experts. 

We say thank you by offering our Media Partner logo for the partners' website and by keeping them in the loop through communications and expert access that helps them generate valuable content for their readers.

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