Corporate Partnerships

Teaming with the Project Business Foundation

A core tenet of the work of Project Business Foundation is the cooperative transformation that organizations are going through to do projects in cross-corporate fashion. Some years ago, these companies, agencies, associations, etc. would have rather done these projects internally, however to gain agility and competitiveness in their markets, they need to rely on others. 

So, Make-or-Buy decisions that would have been made choosing Make in the past are today more and more often done choosing the Buy option. It is the Project Business Foundation's mission to ensure success, once this decision has been made.

The cooperative transformation does also influence for Project Business Foundation. Cooperation for mutual success lies deeply embedded in our genes. We say welcome to any organization that intends to work with us.

Types of Corporate Partnership

The Project Business Foundation offers three types of corporate partnership and group billing for Affiliate Members - Gold as an additional option:

  1. Education & Consulting Partners, open for:
    - Academia
    - Training institutes
    - Consultancies
    - Other skill-building organizations and individuals
  2. Sponsoring Partners, open for:
    - Academia
    - Training institutes
    - Consultancies
    - Software vendors
    - Vendors of project products and services
    - Buyers of project products and services
    - Recruiters
  3. Media Partners, open for
    - Online media
    - Print media
    - Other media outlets
  4. Group Billing for Affiliate Members - Gold to sponsor membership for
    - Employees
    - Freelancers and solopreneurs
    - Other individuals

To get further details, contact

The Project Business Foundation is open for case-by-case partnerships, for example for joint projects or events. We are also happy to present project business management on events, such as conferences and exhibitions.

You may also enquire to become a Strategic Sponsoring Partner, whose special wants and needs in the field of Project Business we are happy to satisfy.

Please use the form below for requests.

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