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Project Business: A Market Needs Your Help.

Cross-corporate projects contribute a major share to national and global economies. However, most people involved are poorly trained and prepared for project business.

The reason: Despite the significance of the business-driven project economy, there is not much education and consulting support available for practitioners to help overcome troubles and ensure that the parties involved, customers and contractors, can meet their joint project objectives and business goals. 

Practitioners in project business mostly learn by trial and error. However, trial in project business is expensive and error even more.

This is a business case for experts: Project management, both traditional and agile, has many players competing in a mature training, coaching, and consulting market, driven by a big number of late adopters. This maturity comes with price pressure and makes it hard to do a profitable expert business.

Today, project business management is a topic for early adopters in training, consulting, etc. For your customers, it is high risk business, risks that are rarely fully understood. Business risks and conflicts directly impact project success. Therefore, companies involved need help. The Project Business Foundation is there to turn this need for help into demand and the demand into business for qualified experts.

Improving the Project Business of Your Clients

Assuming that you are a successful consulting or training organization, or from Academia, open for new challenges and prepared to help customers do better project business. Further assuming you agree that it is better to offer formal education for practitioners than trial and error.

What can you expect as a partner from Project Business Foundation?

  • A logo for your organization to signal distinguished competency and professionalism
  • A rigid qualification process for your trainers, coaches, consultants, etc., which ends with a seal of successful completion; useful in bids and proposals (see here)
  • Contacts to potential training customers 
  • Pre-developed training materials that you can develop further and adjust to your corporate formats and styles (in preparation)
  • A partner who supports the perception of your organization as trustworthy and capable
  • Addition to our public list of Education & Consulting Partners as an endorsement of your professionalism (see here).

Pre-Requisites and Costs

/academy1/ace-qualificationTo become an Education & Consulting Partner of Project Business Foundation, prerequisites are:

  • Evidence of at least three years in the education or consulting sector, such as:
    - Academic institution
    - Training firm
    - Consultancy
    - Provider of coaching and mentoring
  • One or more ACE-qualified educators or consultants, employed or under contract (see here)
  • Dedication to uphold the principles, good practices, and ethical standards that drive Project Business Foundation and to which the association commits, jointly with its partners.

The fee for becoming an Education & Consulting Partner of Project Business Foundation is EUR 1,950 per year (exchange rate).

Please use the form below to send us your enquiry, if you are interested in becoming an Education & Consulting Partner. You will then receive a formal offer.

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