Questions & Answers

Does the world need another organization in the field of Project Management?

There are traditional associations that do great work, such as Project Management Institute (PMI) with its chapters and the national members of the International  Project Management Association (IPMA) in their respective countries.

We spoke with them about project business, and they said that they were not interested in addressing it.

So, the obvious answer is Yes: It is needed—The Project Business Foundation is Filling a Gap.

Is the Project Business Foundation open to everyone, who is dealing with project business?

Generally yes. However, we have guiding documents such as a Code of Conduct. Organizations and people, who will not adhere to it may be rejected membership and other forms of affiliation.

The Project Business Foundation offers three types of corporate partnerships and two types of affiliate membership. Which should I chose?

Depends on your intentions: If you have a platform to "spread the word", Media Partner is best. If you are a provider of education and consultancy services and wish to build business in the huge market of project business, Education & Consulting Partner is obviously your best choice. If you want to support the development and exchange of better project business practices, want to be present for recruiting and promotion, become a Sponsoring Partner

To be part of the story as an individual, join as an Affiliate Member, Basic or Gold

There is also a Three-Months Test Membership.

Is there a particular audience that you think should adopt Project Business Management early?

Of course, every Dollar lost due to poor project business is worth considering, so practitioners have high priority.

However, the most immediate gap we see is a lack of trained educators and consultants. People, who are able to teach practitioners how to do better project business. Project Business Foundation addresses this gap with the Approved Consultant and Educator  (ACE) program and with the Education & Consultant Partner program.

Does the Project Business Foundation compete with other project management associations?

This is definitively not our intention. Many of our members and volunteers also have roles in other associations. 

At the Project Business Foundation, we focus on a segment of the project management profession that is not addressed elsewhere: Project managers and organizations in cross-corporate projects. In other words: Project business. 

We play on different fields and are Not in Competition.

Is the Project Business Foundation open for cooperation?

Definitively. Our core topic is the "Cooperative Transformation" that is urgently needed in project management to be more successful in cross-corporate projects. Cooperation lies in our DNA. We are therefore happy to be a role model for this transformation.

Why on Earth should a project manager want to be a member of the Project Business Foundation?

Project managers doing project business on customer or contractor side have Specific Challenges and Needs that Project Business Foundation will address. Being a member at an early stage makes it much easier to communicate these challenges and needs to make sure that help will be developed for them.

What does the Project Business Foundation need most to be successful?

As an association startup, Money is of course a core consideration. Members, Corporate Partners, and donations are welcome.

We are perfectly able to finance the tasks that we need to do to be successful on the market today, just like at this website. However, to develop future services and bring those many ideas to reality that we have to improve project business for people and organizations, we will need Additional Funds.

Another need is Input from Field Experts. People from practice with their specific experiences, observations, and knowledge. When we speak with practitioners, we find they have so much situational know-how. Bringing it together, consolidating it, and sharing it for the benefits of others is a core intention of Project Business Foundation. 

As an association start-up, another important asset are Members and Volunteers.