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Project Business Foundation

c/o Oliver F. Lehmann, Trollblumenstr. 39g
80995 Munich, Germany

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Switzerland (see impressum)

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The Project Business Foundation
    Fach- und Berufsverband (Industrial and professional association)

Legal address:

  c/o Camille Fuchs

  Schimelrych 4

  5080 Laufenburg, Switzerland

Legal representative:
    Martin Berneburg, Chief Executive Officer

Web development:
    Oliver F. Lehmann

Image sources:
    Oliver F. Lehmann - Shutterstock - Unsplash

Copyright for all texts and graphics:
    Oliver F. Lehmann,  Project Business Foundation 

Applicable law:
The Project Business Foundation  has been incorporated and is operating under Schweizer Zivilrecht (Swiss Civil Law).  It is a non-profit association in accordance with Art. 60 to 79 of the Schweizer Zivilgesetzbuch (Swiss Civil Code). Application of other law is excluded.

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