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Who is the Project Business Foundation?

The Project Business Foundation is a platform of Oliver F. Lehmann, Munich, Germany.
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Project Business Foundation

c/o Oliver F. Lehmann, Trollblumenstr. 39g
80995 Munich, Germany

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The Project Business Foundation

    A platform of Oliver F. Lehmann

Legal address:

   Project Business Foundation
   c/o Oliver F. Lehmann
   Trollblumenstr. 39g

   D-80995 Munich, Germany

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   Oliver F. Lehmann

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   Oliver F. Lehmann. All rights reserved.


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Trademark registrations:

    Project Business Foundation
    ACE - Approved Consultant & Educator in Project Business
    PBP - Project Business Professional

Applicable law:

The Project Business Foundation  is a registered trademark of Oliver F. Lehmann. Any disputes or legal questions and concerns are to be resolved under German law. Place of court: Munich.

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