Building Blocks for Professionalism:
The Certification Programm

In Development

The Project Business Foundation is preparing the launch of two new certifications for professionals in Project Business Management:

Project Business Professional

The certificate for practitioners in Project Business management on the side of the customer or contractor.

Achievement through a 2-day class with a  multiple choice exam at the end. 

The PBP Handbook helps understand the process and take the first steps.


Approved Consultant & Educator

for Project Business Management. This is the certificate for experts such as consultants and educators in the field of Project Business Management.

Achievement through a self-paced qualification process with submission of 3 articles, videos, presentations, or other pieces of work. See the ACE Handbook.


These programs are concurrently in their pilot phases. If you would like to join the pilot groups, please inquire to

The ACE logo is a registered trademark. PBP logo registration is pending