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Dear visitor, 

The Project Business Foundation is an association start-up that is dedicated to help you on your job in Project Business. It is a not-for-profit community that will help you do better cross-corporate project management. Much better.

You may know project business from a Contractor perspective, managing a project for a paying customer as a profit center. Or you are on Customer side, struggling to get delivered what you ordered for your project and what you are prepared to pay for.

Some of our visitors work for Prime Contractors: Their employers are both contractors of their project clients and customers of subcontractors. This position may by satisfying and profitable. However, prime contractors often get challenged by the pressure from two sides, the customer demanding more performance for less money, and the subcontractors, whose invoices get more and more expensive.


Then, we address the needs of Freelancers. Self-employed individuals do a major share of the work in the project economy, and supporting their business, from which they live, is another task we happily do.

At the Project Business Foundation, we are interested in the project management aspect of project business. However, there are also commercial and legal aspects that are so far rarely discussed, and the cross-corporate aspects of project management are also not given the value they deserve in a more and more business-based "Project economy".

In Project Business, the story does not begin with the contract between buyer and seller. The Business Development phase is also significant - fundamental decisions are made during that time that will impact the entire project and its ability to meet the needs of its various stakeholders.

PB Lifecyclepng

We also help Organizations. If your employer needs support to do better project business, we are happy to present our services and recommend our corporate partners.

Another focus group are Educators and Consultants. We need good people to raise professionalism and help individuals and organizations improve their project business. The ACE program of the Project Business Foundation is there to give them a head start in attracting customers through qualification and trustworthiness.

The Project Business Foundation is a start-up. Don't expect it to be mature and perfect. It isn't. However, it is built on enthusiasm and professionalism. The thing is: If you share these traits, or at least, if you want to be there when we come up with practical help and solutions, join us, and share the word with others.

So, this is just a start. Let the Project Business Foundation become a positive game changer for the benefit of all players in project business. 

How can you do that?
  1. Join as an Affiliated Member:
    - Basic, if you want to be in the loop of things to happen.
    - Gold, if you want to shape the future of this discipline with your own contributions

  2. Become a Corporate Partner:
    - Sponsoring Partner - to raise awareness of your name in the field
    - Education and Consulting Partner - to make this advancement your business
    - Media Partner - to help spread the word.

  3. Become ACE Qualified:
    - Get recognized as a expert in Project Business Management
    - Make this achievement visible by using the ACE logo in your personal communication

  4. Give us Feedback:
     - Help us adjust the Project Business Foundation's action strategies to drive the advancement of the professionalism of its members and other stakeholders: info@project-business.org 
Project Business is challenging, and it is high-risk business for all parties involved. As Professionals, let's make sure, we do it right.

Kind regards,

Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc, ACE, PMP
President Project Business Foundation