Project Business Needs Trainers, Lots of Them

If you are selling electronics, or buying them, you are in electronics business. If you are buying or selling books, you are obviously in book business. If you are buying or selling insurances, you are in insurance business. 

I am aware, I am stating the seemingly obvious. However, if you are selling projects, or buying project work from vendors, why does it sound for many people so uncommon to talk of project business?

Part of project business is the process of business development, the pre-award phase of the contract. However, just as book business is not finished when the customer has decided to buy the book, but when it is paid and taken out of the shop, the same applies in project business: The delivery part is also an element of project business.

Project business is a huge industry. It is made of organizations that buy products and services, and others, who sell that. The first are commonly called buyers, the contract makes them clients, or customers.

The second are called sellers or vendors. At the moment of contract signature, they become contractors.

The Project Business Lifecycle

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A typical project business lifecycle spans over phases, each with different players involved. For all phases and all players, there is a shortage of qualified trainers.

Business is not what one company is doing. It takes at least two of them:
  • The customer, tapping into the non-monetary assets of another company, the contractor, and turning them into resources.
  • The contractor, tapping into the monetary assets of the customer and turning them into project funding. Plus profit, of course.
In these cross-corporate projects, there may be more than two organizations involved. In one case, the development of the Airbus A380, I was told that no one has a fixed number of the contractors involved, but estimates would be around 1500.

The need for trainers

Other businesses have trainers. Lots of them.

There are trainers for electronics business, for purchasers as much as for sales staff, for customer service, marketing, legal matters, and many more. The same is true for book business, which also has special trainers. Insurance business people have that as well, possibly more than any other business.

These trainers understand the dynamics of the specific markets, their challenges and solutions, legal requirements, and many more. The profession of a trainer then is to transfer this understanding to the practitioners. The Project Business Foundation offers a helping hand to address this market through the ACE qualification, a process that a trainer can enter to become a project business trainer.

Where are the trainers in project business? I am aware of four, me included. One has retired recently, another one has a sharp focus on construction, and the fourth has just started his business (I am crossing fingers for him that he will be very successful). That's it. The world of project business is open for many more.

Market window theoris PBMpng
Market Window theory places Project Business Management trainers at the left side. Convincing customers of your capacity to help them solve problems is the most difficult task, not winning price battles.


If you are a trainer, or a practitioner wishing to become one, Project Business Management is an open field to develop your business. The need is huge, given the share of project business of the global project economy.

What can a quick start for a trainer in Project Business Management look like?
  1. Join the Project Business Foundation as a Gold member (here)

  2. Pass the ACE for Project Business Management qualification, to develop your knowledge and skills and signal this to the marketplace. (here)

  3. If you work with a training provider, it may help to make the company a Training and Consulting Partner (here).
The need is huge. At the moment, practitioners learn Project Business Management by trial and error. However, in project business, trial is expensive and error even more. So, the skill is to turn need into demand and then make business from it. The Project Business Foundation is there to help you to achieve that.

Kind regards

Oliver F. Lehmann
President Project Business Foundation

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