The Project Business Essentials Class

Professionalization in Project Business Made Visible


This 2-day seminar is the entry ticket to the world of structured project business management. It is a great starting point for beginners and a career booster for semi-experienced professionals.

Who should attend?

  • Project managers in project business on customer and contractor side
  • Business developers
  • Project sponsors and supervisors
  • PMO (Project Management Office) and PBMO (Project Business Management Office)
  • CEOs of projectized organizations
  • Trainers, mentors, coaches, and consultants in the field of project business management

Who will conduct the training?

  • ACE qualified trainer (more)

Are there any prerequisites?

  • None
  • Knowledge of project management methods (traditional & agile) is beneficial.

What is the basis of the seminar?

Training Agenda

  • Introduction
  • What is Project Business
    • When the project is the business
    • Players & roles
    • The customer-contractor interface
    • Legal & commercial factors
    • Interpersonal relationship and leadership
    • Integrity
  • Along the process for project business
    • The overall process and decision points
    • Business development
    • Carrying out the work
  • Other forms of project business
    • Freebie projects
    • Not-for-profit project business
  • Next steps for you

The Training Certificate

This certificate will be issued after the conclusion of the seminar. 

For employers, it makes you the top choice for their precious cross-corporate project business.

Registration and Cost

Where can I check seminar dates and register?

What is my investment for the two trainer-led days?

Corporate-Sponsored Training

Organizations who want to get their employees trained in Project Business Management have two options:

  1. Sponsoring participation of individuals in our open classes.
  2. Sponsoring own classes, virtual or on-site.

Please enquire at:

License Option

Training providers from industry and Academia are welcome to license the 2-day class. 

Please enquire at: