ACE Qualification

Approved Consultant and Educator - Benefits

The ACE for PBM qualification is the entry ticket to a high-value market for demonstrably capable Experts. Project Business Management is not driven by aggressive price competition among providers of training and consulting, but by customers seeking help in difficult project business situations (see here).

The ACE qualification opens doors to new business for the approved person by:

  • Formal documentation of completion of a rigorous educational process
  • Approval for use of the ACE logo in marketing materials
  • Approval for use of the ACE acronym as a suffix to the individual's name
  • An entry into the database of ACE qualified professionals
  • Raising to the elite in project business management

The availability of one or more ACE qualified professionals (employed or as contractors) is a prerequisite for organizations to become Education & Consulting Partners (see here).

The Project Business Foundation has a well-filled pipeline with future offerings for the education of practitioners and experts. ACEs are the central founding block for the program.

ACE Handbook

More details are described here:

The Qualification Process

The ACE qualification is not just a certification. It is the result of a rigorous learning process for the candidate, which is governed by an assessor - a person who is also ACE qualified. The qualification adds business acumen and legal understanding to project management skills.

The process is self-directed and self-paced by the candidate, which allows it to fit alongside a tight work schedule. In its core stands a series of three submissions (papers, videos, presentations, etc.) to self-selected topics that the candidate has to develop in order to give evidence of his/her own expertise and learning. These are assessed and improved until the candidate achieves the pass mark.

The qualification is aimed at:

  • Academic instructors and researchers
  • Project management trainers
  • Business management trainers
  • Consultants
  • Lawyers with a focus on contract law
  • Face-to-face coaches and mentors
  • Further professionals in the fields of consulting and education

The fee for the qualification is EUR 998 per participant (exchange rate) including 1 year of Affiliate Membership (Basic) with the Project Business Foundation. It is reduced to EUR 950 for members (exchange rate) . 

Group discounts are available. 

ACE Workshops

The ACE workshop expedites the development of professional experts to become Approved Consultants & Educators in Project Business Management. 

The workshop is a three day classroom* or virtual seminar, introducing the attendees to the specifics of Project Business Management. It builds on the individuals' existing expert knowledge in project management, business management, or related disciplines and instills the additional expertise in the context of the project business environment.

Upon successful completion of the workshop, attendees will develop their presentations, following the ACE Handbook's (see below) course program to obtain the title ACE in Project Business Management, which can be used as validation of professional expertise for professional public promotion.
The workshop can be performed inhouse or in a public training setting. Attendees from governments, academia, and industry are welcome.

Training providers, consultancies, academic institutions, and other organizations with one or more qualified ACEs (employed or under contract) can apply to become Education & Consulting Partner of Project Business Foundation in order to communicate their expertise to the marketplace.

Please enquire for a workshop at  To enquire as an individual, please use the form below. Or directly book here.

*: Classroom seminar not available at all locations. Additional costs for travelling and accomodation may incur.

Do You Meet The Prerequisites for the ACE Qualification?

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