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Urgently Needed: A New Type of Project Manager

The strong need of the industry is your career opportunity.

It is a measurable trend: Industries are moving from cross-functional internal projects to cross-corporate project business, building a truly commerce-based project economy.

Now, organizations need new a type of project manager:

  • Project Customers 
    need project managers able to engineer and manage complex project  supply networks made from contractors, subcontractors, etc., ensuring an over-arching 'Mission Success First' culture.
  • Project Contractors
    need project managers to run projects as temporary profit centers for their employers, ensuring happy customers, but also profitability of the project and protection of the company's liquidity.
  • Prime Contractors
    "sandwiched" between customers and contractors, they share the challenges of both groups. Project managers must have a full understanding of the business from both sides.

Still, most project managers in project business learn their skills by trial and error. However, trial in project business is expensive, and error even more so. There is a strong business case to entrust the responsibility for the precious project business only to project managers who are also well-trained in commercial and legal matters.

This is what the Project Business Academy, a division of the Project Business Foundation instills in its students: The professionalism that helps respond to the specific challenges and risks of project business. Plus business acumen and business spirit needed to make project business an enjoyable success.


To the educational program of the Project Business Foundation.

Currently, the Project Business Academy has two offerings:

Both offerings can be done self-sponsored or as corporate education.

More to come. We have a road map packed with future offerings. Stay tuned!


Project Business Study Book

by Project Business Foundation

Click here for free download

Since its publication in January 2021, the Project Business Study Book has changed the world of Project Business Management forever.

It is authoritative in defining the roles and a basic process for project business. It classifies the different types of project business and includes the Project Business Glossary to help professionals agree on a common terminology.

The Project Business Study Book can be freely downloaded and distributed (unaltered). 

Project Business Management

By Oliver F. Lehmann

Click here to order at publisher's site - Click here for access to ebook

Written for the practitioner, Oliver F. Lehmann's book on Project Business Management lays out the scenery in which cross-corporate projects take place. It builds on a deeply situational understanding of project management and dives deep into the professional tools and techniques that make cross-corporate projects successful.  

Based on many real-live stories and observations, it describes how project business can be successful for the parties involved, but also what everyone needs to take care of to not drive the project and the business into failure.