Project Business: It’s Your Business

Latest news (22 June 2022): The Project Business Foundation is going through a renewal process. Please bookmark this page and come back. 

How We Help

1. ACE® Qualification

Are you looking for qualified consultants or trainers to improve your Project Business? We have them. (Contact us...

Project Business Management needs more educators and consultants. The  Approved Consultant & Educator (ACE) qualification designates the experts. (More...)

2. Project Business Academy

As the center of excellence in Project Business, the Project Business Academy addresses the most significant obstacle for success: The lack of domain-specific education, forcing people to learn by trial and error. We can do that better. (More...)


3. Project Business Study Book

This is available for free: The entry into professional Project Business Management for everyone. It is also the basis of the educational program of the Project Business Academy. (Download...)


4. Project Management Audits

When poor project management by your contractor or customer impacts the success of your project business, let our experts do a 'Health Check', an audit on their methods, tools, and techniques. (More...)


5. Project Business Healing Days

A facilitated one-day workshop bringing together customers and contractors to discuss reasons for poor cross-corporate performance and find opportunities to turn around the project. (More...)

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Sometimes, negotiation does not lead to results. In these cases, ADR helps settle disputes without litigation at a public court. We have experts for mediation, conciliation, and arbitration. (More...)

7. Project Business Glossary

The Project Business Glossary helps unify terminology across the organizations involved in your project. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings and improves cooperations. (More...)

8. Code of Conduct

/membership/code-of-conductTrust nurtures Project Business, turning contract parties into highly productive project partners. Use the Code of Conduct of the Project Business Foundation to present yourself as trustworthy. (More...)

9. Specific Help

Your organization needs a special program to resolve a problem? With consulting, education and other service needs? 

Contact us. We have the experts to understand the dynamics of success and failure in Project Business and bring practical help. (Message...)

The Project Business Foundation

We are the home association for professionals and organizations involved in Project Business. A community of project business professionals and organizations dedicated to help. Welcome! 

  • You are a project customer or a contractor, and you know how to do project business ? Join us and show others, how you do it. 
  • Your project business is in troubles? Join us to find help and make it rock again.
  • Your job is education, consulting, or research? Special software? Join us and open doors to rewarding expert business. 

The cross-corporate nature of project business brings fresh Agility into organizations. However, it is High-Risk Business for everyone involved. 

Project business is the lifeblood of today's global Project Economy. Let's make it better!

Managing Cross-Corporate Projects

Project Business  is a central building block of the fast growing Project Economy. As in any economy, vendors and buyers come together to perform business with each other, and third parties support this business with education and advice.

Project Business can be very satisfying. However, it is high risks business for organizations and people involved. Successful project business requires a cooperative transformation that fundamentally changes the way how organizations do their projects: Cross-corporate rather than cross-functional with a focus on completing over competing.

Project Business Management (PBM) is the discipline that helps bring success into a project performed by two or more contractually connected organizations. It does build on project management knowledge and skills, but adds proficiency in commercial and legal matters. PBM is for many people and organizations the key discipline to secure their future in the project economy.

Developing this proficiency and sharing it in a global community is the joint mission of the people at Project Business Foundation. 

You can be a part of it. Your journey begins here...

We Help Project Customers

The Success of Your Project Mission depends on the capability and reliability of one or more contractors? Then, the Project Business Foundation is your place. 

As the Paying Customer, you expect to be treated as a king. Instead, you often find yourself waiting in line behind other customers, not getting what you ordered and for what you are prepared to pay. 

Together, let's explore ways to ensure you receive the VIP Service in your project business that you deserve, and for which you are prepared to pay. It begins here...

We Help Project Contractors

Your project must make the Customer Happy. In addition, it provides income to the performing organization. This income is the lifeblood of your company. It must be timely and allow for a profit.

It is often a difficult task to satisfy the customer, develop Profitability of the project, and to protect the Liquidity of your own organization at the same time. However, effective tools and solutions have been developed and tested for that, and there are experts helping you to apply them. 

The Project Business Foundation is your home association, where you find them. It begins here... 

We Help Prime Contractors

/project-business-management/pbm-for-project-prime-contractorsAs a prime contractor, projects can be satisfying and project business profitable.

Often, however, the situation sandwiched in the middle between a customer and subcontractors is difficult. Pressure is applied from both sides, and when one side performs poorly, the prime contractor is held liable by the other side. In these moments, while problems grow,  profitability vanishes fast and cash flow turns negative.

As a prime contractor, one is both, the contractor to a customer, and the customer of the subcontractors. 

For each of these roles, the Project Business Foundation is here to help. It begins here...

We Develop Experts

/academy1/ace-qualificationThe need to build skills in Project Business Management is mostly unsatisfied. Practitioners mostly learn by "Trial and Error", however trial in project business is expensive, and error even more.

Project Business Foundations gives instructors, trainers, coaches, and consultants the know-how to be successful in this field. This is finally validated with the ACE seal, the signal for professionalism as an Accredited Consultant and Educator. It begins here... 

Corporate Partnership

Education & Consulting Partner

/corporate-partners/education-consulting-partnersPractitioners in Project Business need better education to close the current talent gap: Knowledge in project management is an essential part, however, on top of that, commercial and legal matters need to be addressed.

To be prepared for and master difficult business situations, there is a need for capable consultancies and education. Organizations that want to address these issues are welcome as Partners of the Project Business Foundation.

Education & Consulting Partners are organizations, who employ experts in teaching, training, coaching, and consulting with a focus on Project Management and Project Business Management.

Join us at the Project Business Foundation as an Education & Consulting Partner here...

Sponsoring Partner

/corporate-partners/sponsoring-partnersThere is a need in many organizations to improve the maturity of their employees' professionalism in project business.

As customers, these organizations cannot afford disappointing service from vendors, which undermines the success of their projects.

As vendors, they need happy customers as much as the timely inflow of money—for them, their customer(-facing) projects are profit centers.

Sponsoring Partners strengthen the profession financially and conceptually and help raise this maturity.

Join us the Project Business Foundation as a Sponsoring Partner here...

Media Partner

/corporate-partners/media-partnersProject Business Management is so far underrepresented in most publications. However, cross-corporate project business is a challenging reality in a growing number of industries. Public discourse is needed.

Media Partners help practitioners and experts advance as professionals.

Join us the Project Business Foundation as a Media Partner here...